Founded in 2015 by Artistic Director Rose Alice, London Contemporary Ballet Theatre is committed to bringing original, innovative and thought provoking performances to audiences across the globe.

LCBT is at the forefront of contemporary ballet in the UK and is a proud advocate of dancers without boarders, equality and human rights movements internationally.

Collaborating with some of the worlds top musicians from jazz pianists to beat boxers the company aims to collaborate with all art forms to create beautiful boundary pushing dance in a kind, humble and human environment.

Although based in London the company partners with choreographers, artists and companies on every corner of the planet to inspire, reignite and create to give back to society.

LCBT’S dancers are from all backgrounds of ethnicity, religion and training. The company’s whole artistic team is proud to celebrate unique individuality and create an open conversation through movement to harness and explore each dancer’s strength through musicality and limitless movement.

LCBT is humbled and proud to be in collaboration with Creative Production Group’s Singapore-Hong Kong office. Together they have and will continue to be available for high end corporate events to deliver fresh, vibrant and “outside the box” performances.

Rose Alice and LCBT are laying the foundations for a new generation of performers whose aim is to be an open and safe platform for artists from any walk of life, whilst pushing physical and artistic limits to produce breathtaking and extraordinary dance.


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